Thursday, June 28, 2012

Worship & Intercession

We're not just here to go door-to-door, while half of our team is out on the streets, the other half is worshiping and interceding for them in prayer. This was our job on Tuesday evening. We spent four hours in prayer and song to the Lord, and it was glorious! When the outreach team arrived back at the hotel, we had a time of testimony. Several of the encounters that our outreach team had - we had prayed for specifically. Often using the exact words and phrases!! I was completely amazed, but God is faithful, so it shouldn't surprise me! He gave us those words and phrases to pray for, because He knew that our brothers and sisters would need encouragement and God's covering over them as they shared the Gospel in Trinidad.

Oh one more thing, I totally want a djembe. That's going on my Christmas list!