Tuesday, December 13, 2005

wow what a weekend

Yeah, it was such a great weekend that I think I've finally recovered enough to write about it. =)

So Friday was my 25th birthday. It was about 1:30 and we're trying to decide where to go for lunch, the boys in the office wanted to take me out. Alex pokes me on the shoulder and points to the back room and my mom and sister are standing there with a balloon and a poinsettia. Awwwww! So that was a great surprise! I had no idea, they're so sneaky. So we all went out to Red Robin for lunch (which was great). They went and did some shopping and I went back to work. Yeah, not fair!

After work we went to Zookini's and then met my cousin Kami and her hubby James at Starbucks. You gotta try their peppermint mocha if you haven't, man, its delish.

Saturday we got up and met my uncle Richard for breakfast at Denny's (wanted Cracker Barrell but it was too crowded). Mom and Leslie left around lunch, and then Christy got here. We did a little running around town, then home to get ready for dinner. We met up with my friends (there were 11 of us) and had dinner at Outback. I had two buttery nipples to drink, they're awesome! (ok, that looks and sounds weird, haha). Kami made me the coolest cake ever! And it was reeeeally good too. After dinner a bunch of us went out to club unity to watch a drag show. Once it finally started, it was definitely entertaining, but for almost two hours we sat around and tried not to stare at the awkard and inappropriate pda going on everywhere. Ugh, get a room! There were a few acts that were freakin awesome, one was David and Jade doing the 'I'll Cover You' duet from Rent, and then the group performance of Thriller was amazing!

So Sunday was a recovery day, haha. Spent all day on the couch in my pajamas. I actually got dressed around 8 pm to do some laundry and run to the store, but overall it was a lazy day.

This week has been pretty crazy so far, Alex is off skiing in Colorado, so we're having to fend for ourselves here. Only a few minor catastrophies!