Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Billy Bob Thornton

In Abilene? Yep. Believe it.

He and his band, The Boxmasters, played at Midnight Rodeo 3 last night. Onstage just after 8pm, they were their own opening act. Mr. BBT himself walked right past me to the stage, dressed to match his band, all decked out in black suits and ties. Their first set was what they have dubbed 'modbilly'. It was hillbilly rock meets country, with some blues thrown in for good measure, very reminiscent of Robert Earl Keen's storytelling. Each band member was a character, from the elvis-haired guitar player, to the john belushi-esque guitar/keyboard/harmonica man. Their second set was a bit harder, more guitar solos and rockstar displays. BBT was very good with the crowd, signing autographs while his band rocked the stage. He'd sign whatever you could get to him, from the free Coors Light hats that were floating around the bar to the posters sold at the merch table.

Fantastic entertainment for a Monday night in Abilene, TX. Perhaps we're on our way to getting back on the concert map.