Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nashville Trainwreck

I seriously don't know why I continue to watch Nashville Star. For the judges? Perhaps. Or maybe it's because there are a few Texans on the show. Or maybe because I've been watching it, there's nothing else on TV on Monday nights, and it's kind of like an accident you just can't help gawking at. Yep. That's probably it.

A rundown of the contestants that are still on the show (from best to worst):

  1. Melissa. This girl is awesome! She's got a commanding voice and great stage presence, she's also picked some great songs. And she's curvy. You go girl!
  2. Gabe. He's sort of a Hispanic George Strait, and those dimples!
  3. Coffey. Interesting and different. John Mayer meets Aaron Neville. I like.
  4. Shawn. If this girl would stop trying so hard, she'd probably be a lot better. She's got spunk though.
  5. Ashlee. She's not herself. She's trying to sound like half a dozen other artists. She's next to go. I hope.

And now for the eliminated:

  1. Tommy. Man I was sad to see him go. He was original and normal. A navy guy. Come on America!
  2. Pearl Heart. Good harmonies between the sisters, lacked the stage presence, but could be awesome with good training.
  3. Charley. First one eliminated. He was good! What the heck?
  4. Laura & Sophie. WAY too young. Grow up a little, get some life experience. And vocal training.
  5. Alyson. Beauty queen. Great voice, but way too pageanty.
  6. Travis. Should be on some modeling show, not Nashville Star. Way too pretty.
  7. Third town. The guy in the middle was creepy. The other two were great. Get rid of creepy guy.

I like the judges, though some of their comments are just too nice. John Rich really hit the nail on the head last night though. He said he was wary of the show because NBC was ultimately going to pick the final contestants. He admitted they'd chosen well on a few of them, but he really questioned some of their choices. YESSSS! I was beginning to think that everyone on that show had gone insane. At least one person is being honest, but I bet he's mysteriously 'too busy' to come back next season.

Oh, one more thing. Did anybody catch 'Can You Duet' on CMT a few months back? 100 times better than Nashville Star. Joey & Rory. Brownell & Richie. And Caitlyn & Will--the winners, they are freaking amazing.


Kristie said...

Yay!! It only took me like ten tries, but I found you :O)