Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I'm a planner, especially when it comes to traveling. I like to print off directions and keep them in a little travel folder. I like to have my hotel booked in advance, and I keep the confirmation number in the travel folder. I don't like to stop a lot on the road. And I really don't like it when people try to take over too much.

I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but typically the day before a trip I start not wanting to go. No matter how fun I know it's going to be. I don't like leaving the normalcy of life. And I really hate leaving Roxie. It makes me sad. I wish she could come too, she's never seen the beach! Sigh.

I want to leave tomorrow by 6pm. But I'm not driving, so I'm kind of at the mercy of the driver, which I hate. But I can handle it. Right?

I've started making my list of to-dos and to-packs. I've got a lot to take care of it seems, but I should have enough time to take care of everything, if I budget my time well.

Florida, here we come!!


Raena said...

I wish I was going! Have FUN!