Wednesday, July 09, 2008


We rolled into my driveway just before noon on Monday. It was the end of a verrrrry long ride back from Florida. We left at 10am on Sunday, dropped Rab off in Houston and made it to Dallas at 1:30 am to stop for the night. It made yesterday's final leg amazingly short, but Sunday was quite brutal. You know, if I never had to go through Louisiana again in my life, I'd be a pretty happy woman. Why anyone would choose to live there is beyond me. The photo to your left is what we call our 'Lousy-ana face.' Yeah.

Despite the long hours in the car, we had an amazing time in Florida. It was SO good to have everybody together again. I am blessed with some fantastic friends. We didn't skip a beat, it was like we'd seen each other the day before—no awkwardness or lack of things to talk about. Man I miss those guys! We definitely need to do that more often. But this time we fly. You really can't beat a Florida vacay for under $200 though.

Here are a few shots…

At my Aunt & Uncle's house in Baytown.

K-Mack, me, Audra, and Bonny at Navarre Beach. Crowded but fun!

Harty, Rab, and Jim. Our boys!

The outside deck at Harbor Docks. The swordfish was amazing!