Monday, June 30, 2008

Tootsie Rolls taste like Halloween.

Its pretty amazing actually.

Songs definitely have the ability to turn back time (and yes, I just did the Cher hair flip with my nonexistent long hair), but wow. Halloween is my favorite holiday, closely followed by July 4th, which is this week!!! And guess where I'll be??

FLORIDA!!! I am counting down the hours (right now it's about 81). I'll know in a few hours how many of us for sure are going, but right now it's looking like 5. We'll swing through Houston and pick up Rab and then head on to Ft Walton Beach, FL. Josh lives there, and Kristie will be driving up from Palm Beach. I'm so excited!! I'd love to be about 10 pounds thinner, well, if we're wishing I'd go for about 30 pounds, but I'm pretty stinking happy with my progress. I've lost 19 pounds so far, and this morning I hit a personal goal, so that's fantastic.

I had a great weekend, Sabrina and I went to DFW on Saturday. She had a few girls that she's interested in for the HSU volleyball team, so we stopped by the Dallas Convention Center to watch them play. I have never seen so many barely dressed teenage girls with moms, dads, brothers/sisters in tow in one place, in my life. Volleyballs flying every which way, whistles blowing, parents screaming (think stage moms but with sports)—it was intense. The Antiques Road Show was also at the DCC, but sadly we didn't bring any old crap with us. =)

Despite the torrential downpour and impending storm of doom, we managed to make it to dinner and then to Billy Bob's to see Hootie & the Blowfish. I freakin LOVE them. The Drew Davis Band opened the show, and they were really good, and Hootie was amazing, as always. They did 2 encores! If I was going to be a groupie, it'd either be for them or Maroon 5. Adam Levine is just so darn yummy. Speaking of which…I'm going to see them with the Counting Crows in September. I'm definitely looking forward to that!!


Back to work!


Raena said...

Yeah, I've always thought volleyball uniforms shouldn't be worn in public...but during the season I always see some teenage girl out to dinner with her family after a if she couldn't put on some shorts! I hope Halle doesn't want to play. :)