Thursday, June 12, 2008

Artwalk tonight!

I'm the featured artist again this month, and I've got 10 new photos added to my 'Live Music Series' exhibit. I also have a few new pottery pieces.

I'm excited about tonight's festivities, because its CarWalk! Dozens of classic cars will line Cypress street. Classic cars will forever hold a place in my heart (I miss you Tina--my 67 Cougar)! I love the smell of them, the sound of them, the sexy lines, the ever-present lack of air all adds up to wonderful.

There are TONS of things going on tonight, with the cars, the return of Dino Bob and his Volkswagen, the cars, live music, the new exhibits at the Grace and CCA, the cars, my continued featured-ness at the Cockerell Gallery, the street vendors, and oh--don't forget the cars!

Check out CCA's page on this month's Artwalk here.


Raena said...

Thats proud of you!