Tuesday, June 03, 2008

stupid yogurt

Every time I open up a yogurt container (or one of those heat in the microwave soup containers) I manage to get it all over me. I hate that! HATE IT!

Last Friday I went back to Kuk Sool Won, my martial arts class. I took classes for about 2 years, and then got kind of burned out on it. Its been over a year since I quit, and I've been itching to get back into it. I go to the Abilene Martial Art Center on 7th. Its an amazing workout, you learn all kinds of self defense tactics, you get personal attention from the instructors, and its so much more satisfying than running on a treadmill. I got all the way up to brown belt before I quit. I've got a lot of re-learning to do in the next few weeks, but I am very excited to be back in class. Friday's class wasn't too bad, but last night really kicked my butt. Which is awesome. I'm a little stiff and sore today, but its a good sore.

Hoping to spend some time in the studio tonight, its been almost a month since I was last in there. I've got several pieces to finish, and a few I want to start. I've been spending my time outside of work trying to finish up a website I'm building. I'm almost done with it, check it out if you have a few minutes. I'm really proud of the design!

Cassandras And Company. Its a boutique in downtown Abilene. They have an amazing selection of designer clothes, mainly denim, Vera Bradley, and some other gift-type things. One of my best-good-friends works there. I can't wait to get a pair of their jeans!