Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A shared National Title?

I think not.

While it was an exciting 2nd half, the Longhorns performance was just not that impressive. They almost got their act together at the end of the first half, but that resulted in a pick on the 2 yard line. Colt made a few spectacular plays, but overall his throwing just seemed a bit off. Ohio State had something to prove (which ultimately they did not, again) and that cost the Horns their hope for a shared title.

Don't get me wrong, Texas is a great team. I mean, they beat us for pete's sake, as any Longhorn will tell you. Repeatedly. Until it makes you want to punch them in the face. But the fact remains that they were beaten by Tech which put us in a 3 way tie negating the head-to-head argument. Get over it guys. Continuing to whine does nothing for you. What you should have done was march into Tempe and hand the Buckeyes their butts. On a platter.

I like to see the Big 12 do well in the postseason. I rooted for every Big 12 team, yes, even Tech. Well, for a little while.

Now it's our turn. And I'm excited and nervous and sad (it marks a long 7 months of no football, sigh). And against my better judgment, I'm having a few people over to watch the game. But a select few. Those that know how I am during football games, that won't get offended, and have quick reflexes to duck flying objects.

It's our turn.

Boomer Sooner.