Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday afternoon drive...

There's nothing quite like taking off on a Sunday afternoon and going for a drive. No particular place in mind, no set schedule, just go. This road looks good, right turn. This one will work, left turn. I love it! I filled up the gas tank, threw on a sweatshirt (it was only in the low 60s and that wind can freeze ya to death), and took off south on 277 toward San Angelo. About 15 miles outside of Abilene that road gets fantastically snakey and there are quite a few hills--the only downside is there's usually a cop or two. Luckily, an audi convertible (top-up, loser) flew past me and the cop stopped him. I love it when that happens. :)

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I picked that direction because there are a lot of windfarms out that way, and I LOVE those things. I don't know what it is about them, but they're mesmerizing. I took a right turn on a county road, and then another right turn, and then a left turn at some point, all of them gravel. Let's just say the Beemer is not that well suited for gravel roads, but she's a trooper. Finally made it to a paved road (woohoo!) and that took me straight into the wind farms. Most of those out there are in cotton fields, which made for some fun photos (that I'll post later). The cool thing about the ones out in Nolan county, they're out in the open. No locked gates or 'no trespassing' signs, so you can drive right up to them. I'm just in awe of how HUGE they are. Got to a dead-end on my paved road and had to pick west or east. I picked west hoping that it would lead me back to I-20, but decided that I should probably 'phone a friend' and be sure of how to get back to Abilene. I had a full tank of gas, but it was starting to get dark and there just aren't that many houses out there. Luckily he answered and was near a computer; he was able to figure out where I was (even though many of those CRs are not on a map). After a few minutes I ended up in Nolan and then on 153 headed to Sweetwater. I hadn't realized how far south I'd gotten.

I love doing that! Next time, though, I'll take the TomTom. And maybe somebody with a truck. :)


Leslie Hutchins said...

I love Sunday afternoon drives as well, we would take them as a family when I was a little girl. I am glad you found your way home!

Leslie Anne' said...

hey when are you going to post these pictures?