Friday, January 09, 2009

well $&!%

Pins and needles. For the entire game. I can't handle too many games like that. Ulcers, people!

Our defense showed up, but where the hell was our offense? Did you leave them out on the bus? For pete's sake, somebody text our receivers and tell them to get their butts on the field. Two interceptions claimed by our defense, but yet our offense couldn't turn them into points. $(#$&#@(*$. An interception means NOTHING if you can't score from it.

The commentators were ridiculously biased, from the beginning. I was seriously about to vomit from all of the 'Superman' and 'Tebow is the best thing that's ever happened to the game of football' bull crap. Did you hear the comment when he got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct? Yeah. "That's probably the first wrong thing he's ever done in his life." Are you freaking kidding me?

I hate to lose. But at least we weren't embarrassed. At least we made it a game to watch. We had the opportunities to win it, and we didn't take them. Ok then.

We're #5 in the final AP poll, with Florida rightly at #1, Utah rightly at #2, and USC and Texas taking 3 and 4. Meh. I guess.

Now begins the long 7 1/2 month stretch of sadness. Depressing, isn't it?