Thursday, May 29, 2008


Its post 102!! A milestone! A cause for celebration!

Or perhaps, just a casual mention?

Blogging has become my latest, well, obsession is a tad strong, but I certainly enjoy it. Its liberating to unleash your thoughts, ideas, and creativity on an unsuspecting digital world.

If only my friends would follow suit. Update your blogs people! I'm bored!

On another note, Sex and the City comes out tomorrow, and I really want to see it. However, I want to watch the series in its entirety first. I don't have HBO, so I've only caught bits and pieces of the story since its been in syndication. Bonny and I are planning on renting and/or buying (depending on availability) season 1 and watching it tonight. I'm excited! As a 27 year old, I feel like I can appreciate the series more now than when it initially came out. I'm older and unquestionably more fashionable than I was in college. So bring on the cosmopolitans and lets hit NYC.