Monday, May 19, 2008

the weekend

Saturday was definitely as busy as I thought it would be. But it was a fun busy.

Photo shoot at 2:30. Me driving nervously to ACU, trying not to think about throwing up. Met Bonny there a few minutes early, and she managed to calm me down a bit. By the time Carol, Sarah, and her Mom showed up, I was immediately fine, and off we went. We started off in the WPAC, next to the wall of windows. Took a few inside and out, some on the stairs, and then we walked over to the Jacob's Dream sculpture garden. Its beautiful!! I hadn't really had the chance to check it out--as I'm rarely on the north side of town anymore. We then trekked over to Minter Park and wandered around there for a bit, shot a few inside the Elks Art Center, and then made our way to Shades of Hope in Buffalo Gap. They have a beautiful garden area, with a gazebo, white picket fences, benches, a fountain, and quaint little swings. Adorable. The weather was wonderful, though I wish the sun would have come out a little earlier. I'll probably wait to post these until the wedding is over. I would hate for the groom to somehow happen across these (though I'm sure the chance of that happening is pretty slim).

The bride and party left just after 5, and Bonny and I stayed to wait on the prom-goers. One of the girl's at work hired me to take photos of her daughter/date/and friends. We got some really cute shots of the couple, the candid ones were definitely my favorites. I'll try to post a few of those this afternoon.

Mucho thanks to Bonny for being my assistant. She helped me out tremendously. I had a blast, and I hope everyone else did too. The camera was fantastic. Very easy to zoom in and out, focus, adjust, and everything else. I'm extremely happy with it.