Friday, May 23, 2008

Veggies and BBQ

This week is National Vegetarian Week. I think I read about it on peta's website about a month ago. And no, I'm not a crazy 'free all the animals, lets eat carrots!' kind of person. I have no problem having chicken or a hamburger for dinner, because those animals are raised and bred for food. They're not somebody's pets. However, the unethical treatment of animals is irresponsible and cruel, and that needs to stop.

I decided to make a 5 day pledge to go vegetarian. I'm only doing 5 days, because its Memorial Day weekend. Who's bright idea was it to have NVW lead into Memorial Day? That's just crazy. Anyway. Carol and Bonny have joined me as well, and it actually hasn't been hard to stick to. I've had spaghetti, portabella mushroom fajitas, salad, homemade pizza...good stuff!

Today, however, we are having a BBQ at work. They've brought in meat from Hard 8 BBQ. Pork chops, jalapeno sausage, brisket. I'm drooling. BUT its NVW and I'm sticking to it, dang it. I brought salad, and I plan on loading up on corn and potato salad and beans. I did bring a tupperware container though.

Pork chops for breakfast!


Raena said...

Its funny that you posted about this...Our family has been considering the switch to a vegitarian lifestyle. Not for the sake of animals but for our own health.

Great post Heathera!

Kami said...

James and I will be doing it too! oh, wait..we're already vegetarians..BUT it makes me happy that you are observing this :)

Amanda Peterson said...

Good for you! I've actually been a vegetarian for almost a year and a half now. And I don't miss meat at all. There are a lot of great meat substitutes out there for one thing.

I made the decision after finding out how our meat industry keeps people in poverty and hunger across the world. The cattle industry specifically is also the largest industrial polluter in our country. PETA does have some good information about this on their website. If you want to learn more, check out Food Revolution by John Robbins.