Tuesday, May 13, 2008

drugs? yes please.

I hate being sick. Especially when I have to go to work everyday. It wasn't such a huge thing when I made my own schedule. Don't feel good? Clear the day, stay at home, sleep it off. Can't do that now though, not with a big girl job.

SO...yesterday sucked. Today sucks more. I took my lunch break (plus an hour) to go to the doctor, so he could tell me I was sick. Duh. Gave me a shot, 2 prescriptions and sent me on my way. I foolishly headed straight for Wal-Mart, and it took them 45 minutes to fill my stupid prescription. Had I not been feeling like a wad of total and complete crap (and looking like a druggie with my nose all red), I would have appreciated the time away from the office. Alas, it was not a welcome break.

So the lady finally is ringing up my purchases, and it is then that I discover the $35 cough medicine my doctor prescribed. Too late to change my mind, too annoyed to pitch a fit, I swallowed the price tag and took my much needed drugs with me. I'm already on the antibiotics, but the cough medicine is reserved for bedtime. You know, no operating heavy machinery and whatnot. Whatever. I'm going straight home to play with the bucket lift in our backyard.

Take that $35 cough medicine!