Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Last night I saw In Her Shoes, the new Cameron Diaz flick based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner. I'm currently reading her book Good In Bed. Its really good so far, and no, its not a raunchy romance novel. The movie was excellent, a laugh out loud and brush back the tears kinda movie. Its one that I will probably own when it comes out on DVD, and I will definitely be buying the book. Definitely a chick flick. Go see it, and take the girls.

I love movies. For two solid hours, I get to forget about my own reality for awhile. I sit back and wonder what I would do in this situation or that, what I definitely wouldn't have done, and how I would have reacted when faced with the same situation. Would I be the same 'me' that I am now, if I lived in a different part of the country, or the world? Some movies make me want to change things about myself, and this was one of em. Be more confident, love yourself for who you are, take down the walls and let other people love you, and so on....Good movies can completely mesmerize me, only to be jolted back to reality by the rolling of the credits and the house lights coming on. I don't know about you, but my long holiday weekends usually involve going to the movies. Rent and Pride and Prejudice came out today, Narnia and Memoirs of a Geisha come out on my birthday, and closer to Christmas will be The Family Stone, The Producers, Rumor Has It, and so many more. Man. I love movies.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with friends, family, good food, and if you're anything like me, good movies. =)


Becky said...

AH! I love both of those books!!! I can't wait to watch In Her Shoes! I think it comes out here on the 2nd of Dec. I want to see RENT! And Narnia! Let's go to the movies!!