Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I had a great Thanksgiving, lots of family around the table and no drama!! Woohoo! Went shopping with Mom on Friday, we got up before the buttcrack of dawn, but late enough that we missed the truly insane people that were at the doors of Target before 5am. We got there around 7, and it was still really busy. We got lots of great deals on DVDs, and I got a DVD player for $30! Yeah. Good times. Got some clothes for my birthday, which is always nice (unless you're under the age of 12, and then it sucks, haha). We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the first half of the UT/A&M game. Mom and I have come a long way over the years. She roots for Oklahoma and I root for Texas (unless, of course, they are playing each other). And what I would like most come January the 4th, is for Texas to completely humiliate USC (if they can get by UCLA this weekend).


erin said...

my hubby Joe agrees- he thinks Texas is going to whip up on USC.