Monday, November 07, 2005

What a weekend!!!

Saturday, I had a lingerie shower to go to (one of my old roommates is getting hitched in December---for a side story about roommates and weddings, see previous post) in Dallas. Well Thursday morning, I'm thinking....geee, what can we do afterwards? I know! Are the Mavs in town? Sure enough, they are, and who are they playing? None other than the returning NBA Champs, the San Antonio Spurs. And where, 2 days before the game, am I going to find tickets to this sold out home opener? Ebay, kids, is a wonderful wonderful thing. Their newest advertising campaign rings very true. Ebay's got IT. I was watching a few auctions, and the one I wanted more took a big jump in the last ten minutes or so, so I opted for the second and won it. We met the guy in Ft Worth on Saturday morning and picked up the tickets (saving myself the $15 in overnight mailing charges).

The lingerie shower was really fun, the best one I've been to. Sangria and cake, lots of very nice lingerie for Emily, and 2 toilet paper wedding gowns. Haha. The present I put together (from me and 2 of my friends) was saved until last. Must've been the feather tickler sticking out of the bag. I do believe that Emily turned 2 shades of red when she opened it. Hehe. Had a great time, and I got to see Annie! (another former roomie).

After that we picked up Christy, and then Nathan, and headed to the American Airlines Center in Dallas. We were a bit late, but still got decent parking. Our seats were definitely in the nose-bleed section (I think we were about 10 rows from the very top), but we could see everything perfectly. No need for binoculars. The game was incredibly good, pretty tight in the first half, but we pulled away towards the end of the 3rd, and then kept the lead steady in the 4th and finally blowin it up at the end of the game. Final score: 103-84. Dirk (aka THE MAN) had 34 points and 8 rebounds. We went and wandered around the West End after the game (haha--we paid a homeless man (who we mistakenly thought was the parking lot attendant) $5 to park and then got a parking ticket cause we didn't pay the automated teller), and had dinner and drinks at TGIFridays. AND on Sunday we had lunch at the Black-eyed Pea (my old alma mater, sigh, what a great 2 years that was). A great weekend!


erin said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. I love throwing showers for girlfriends... it's great to embarrass them. Believe me, it'll come back 10-fold!