Saturday, November 19, 2005

today's game

I have one word for the outcome of today's OU/Texas Tech game: Bullshit.

"Taurean Henderson was sure he scored on the final play of Texas Tech's game against Oklahoma. On television replays, multiple camera angles from the near side and one from behind and above the end zone seemed inconclusive. There were no angles from the far side of field, where the official who made the TD call was positioned. Stoops did not dispute the call and said it will not be used as an excuse for losing. "I didn't see it and I'm not going to sit here and criticize," he said. "We have a system in place and you hope that it works and it makes the calls that are correct."" (from the AP)

Well said Bob. I completely disagree, but well said. Henderson's freakin knee was DOWN and then he stretched the ball over the goal line.What's the point of being able to review a play, when you still call it wrong? Sigh. The game was well played by both sides. Granted, we had a few things go our way that we didn't fully take advantage of, but come on. What a ridiculous ending. This was definitely one of the most 'intense/exciting one second/horribly depressing the next' game I have seen in awhile (the ND/USC game comes in second). Sure wish we would've come down with that ball on that oh-so-important TT 4th down. I still argue that he didn't get that first down there...they definitely got a generous spot, even the announcers thought so. I'm hoping that this game will bump us back into the top 25. And maybe it will. Guess we'll find out on Monday.

I do not concede this game. It was not a fair win. And that's all I have to say about that.


Demosthenes said...

Moments like this are too precious to waste. I'll come up with something completely classy (or classless depending on how you look at it) in a bit.

Demosthenes said...

I told you there was no way that Tech would lose to TWO sorry Oklahoma teams two weeks in a row!

Hey you're right. The refs were on our payroll. Actually they weren't they just hate OU. Obviously. I'm sure they took perverse pleasure in their crusade to crush the evil
Stoopian empire. You could tell by the goofy smiles on their faces as they signaled Taurean in for the TD.

Ok ok, seriously, I know the refs sucked. And if you want the honest truth I think they missed both crucial plays down the stretch. But these weren't the worst refs ever. My dad actually had a basketball ref tell him when he was a girls bball coach that he would not start calling fouls until the girls started playing better. Basically told my dad TO HIS FACE in the middle of the game that my dad's girls did not deserve to have the game called fairly so he would not. Yeah so wow.