Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thieving B*stards!

So I checked my bank account online this morning, and I found two charges from Netflix. While this is not altogether odd, as I do have a Netflix account, I have not bought anything from them recently. So I called 'em.

Apparently, somebody opened up a new account yesterday using my debit card. WTF? No dvd's have been sent out, but they have the person's email address, and I assume they have the mailing address as well.

Two questions:
1. How did my account # get stolen?
2. Why would someone steal my account # and then open up an $11 Netflix account?

I'm VERY glad that whoever got my account # is an idiot. And that I spotted it this morning, and not a few days from now. No telling what would have been charged on there...a pack of gum, a movie ticket, and *gasp* a burger & fries??!?!? (insert scary music here)